Nis Rose

Nis Rose is a handmade artificial flower which looks like a rose. Nis Rose material includes paper, glue, and scissors. We would be happy to know the history behind Nis Flower. The owner of Live Online Shop, Md. Masudur Rahman named the flower as Nis Rose. Because of Sunzida Nishu, Md. Masudur Rahman’s sister came with the idea of making rose and rose with paper which brings a great change in decoration. According to the name of his sister, the flower was named Nis Flower which was given by her brother Now people can use Nis flower for decoration which is reasonable in price and can be used for many times.

Nis Rose can be used in different programs like a birthday party, baby shower, and wedding party and even in the decoration of the classroom. Children love to study in a colorful environment. It makes them happy and they get the interest to study. Furthermore, using Nis Rose can make any event more colorful and perfect. On the other hand, we can use this Nis Rose further for decorating our home. Just we need to make sure we could manage to keep those flowers clean regularly.

The price range of Nis Rose is 170-300 BDT. Live Online Shop is the first online shop who came with different kind of handmade flowers. They have a huge collection of Nis Rose with different colors. Furthermore, if you need any help to decorate with Nis flower, then our creative team is 24 hours available to serve you. They would go to your home and help you with decoration. Till now we have found that Nis Rose has a great demand among other Nis flower. Different amazing colors and vibrant texture of the flowers create a lively environment in your program.

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