Musical Birthday Candle

Musical Birthday Candle looks like a genetic flower when it is closed. Musical Birthday Candle is crafted out of plastic and there are few candles in a very top. You can light the candle with a lighter. Moreover, you would stick the flame inside where it will shoot up a burst of flame and as a result, it will light out the candles and then petals are going to flip open. Then it will reveal the interesting flower that’s spin round and you can hear a happy birthday song.

Anyone needs to be careful about using Musical Birthday Candle. You will find the terms of safety directions on the opposite side of the packet. Some instructions are mentioned there like children under 12 should definitely be supervised and keep your face 40 cm away from the candle while using it because after you ignite the candle, it will shoot up a burst of flame which is quite shocking.

We can buy this kind of candles for our birthday party. Children love to see things which look fancy. So, buying Musical Birthday Candle for their birthday can make them feel excited. Moreover, the music that comes from the candle can give an instant festive feeling. Not only for birthday parties but also we can use this Musical Birthday Candle to surprise someone.

Musical Birthday Candles are available in many stores. Live Online Shop also came up with different kind of Musical Birthday Candles which are good in quality. The price of Musical Birthday Candle is very reasonable which starts from 50-200 BDT. Our services are available for 24 hours. If you need musical birthday candles, then you can contact Live Online Shop so that you can get the product in your hand within 6 hours.

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