Number Candle

Celebrate a special birthday with these amazing Number Candles. These candles are in different shapes and of different numbers- perfect for any kind of occasion, organization and any kind of birthday party.

Live Online Shop provides you with a collection of high-quality number candles in Bangladesh. You can find different sizes and different types of number letters on our online shop in Dhaka.

Whether you’re celebrating your child’s all-important first year or your grandmother’s 100th, be sure to do it with our decorative Number Candle. Use it in conjunction with our other number candles to commemorate any other milestone event. To really personalize your party, coordinate this cake topper with other themed party decorations and party supplies with our different kind of number candles.

It’s a festive addition to any cake, whether you’re celebrating a different kind of birthday, anniversary, wedding, valentine, event decoration, party decoration, decoration. Pair with our number candles to create a custom cake for any occasion.
Combine our number candles with other candles to create a specific age, date, or anniversary. Make a wish!

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